Three types of badminton racket

VICTOR has released three ways to classify the racket. SPEED, POWER and ALL-AROUND. Together with the racket cross-coordinate map (HEAVY, LIGHT, POWER and CONTROL), player can precisely select the racket that best suits their needs according to playing style, habits and requirements.。

What the three racket types?

POWER, SPEED,ALL-AROUND; different to the past when racket functionality was the starting point for racket classification design, this time VICTOR has classified rackets according to the requirements of users with regards to different playing styles and strategies; in the future, corresponding rackets will be designed in accordance with the characteristics of these three types of racket.

Deliver lethal smashes to win.
The POWER type racket is rigid and delivers massive power. This type of racket is for the player who seeks for maximum power in their game.

Series of Represent:
THRUSTER K : Attack is the best defense and is the foundation of victory. Combining a frame structure that releases smash
power and graphene used frame, it provides
solid experience and devastating power,
making your smash more powerful.

Precision, control the situation authoritatively.
This stable and solid ALL-AROUND racket type gives excellent handling and is suitable for player seek for precision and control.

Series of Represent:
METEOR X : The METEOR X series uses the OCTABLADE structure combined with CARBON XT reinforced woven carbon fiber technology to not only provide racket frame stability, but also improve effectiveness in reducing air resistance, attacking power, and added anti torque in the shaft. Strung with the EIGHTY-80 mode and the PEAK WAVES to provides greater frame
stability and not only increases the fit of the strings,
but also reduces wear and tear for better racket

Speed is the first step to victory.
The SPEED type racket is light and can facilitate faster swing, allowing key opportunities to be grasped. This racket type is suitable for players who seek and rely on speed.

Series of Represent:
JETSPEED S : Equipped with innovative frame structure and technology, offer fast and smooth swing and incredible response with instant strength. This series offer the player with a great advantage over opponents during the game.

BRAVE SOWRD : The BRAVE SWORD uses diamond- shaped design to cut wind as a sword, vastly reducing air resistance while
encouraging nimble handling. The INNER WAVES
technology provides more consistent face

Racket Coordinates

•Horizontal Axis

The frame type, material, stiffness and the technology affect the touch of hitting. Rackets with greater bounce provide a solid feel in the hands, and are suitable for experienced and aggressive players. On the other hand, rackets with more control tend to provide more control to the hand and are more suitable for maneuver players.

•Vertical Axis

Swingweight testing and balance points of a racket are used to determine the position of the coordinates. Head-heavy rackets tend to gain extra power by head weight during swinging and are more suitable for players who pursue power. Head-light rackets are lighter on the wrist and are more suitable for less competitive consumers or beginners.

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