An Insight into HX-800

Text / VICTOR R&D Lab

HYPERNANO X 800, first racket of HYPERNANO X series, features outstanding controllability and eye-catching design, attracting players and fans all over the world. The following is an insight into the unique features of HX-800.

Static Analysis

HYPERNANO X 800 integrates two types of frame structures based on aerodynamics to create the exceptional AERO-DIAMOND frame, bringing a visual sense of stability.


The matte black finish further supports the sense of stability. And the asymmetric whirlpool pattern on the frame addsa touch of agility. When standing on the court with HYPERNANO X 800, not only does the colorful pattern stand out, the glittering silver markers are also impossible to ignore, and become the center of attention duringthe badminton games.

Swings with HX-800 are smooth and effortless. The matte black finish looks reassuring, which is very different from traditional lacquered rackets.

The designers of HX-800 wish to deliver this sense of stable controllability to the consumers, hence putting a lot of thoughts in the appearance design.

Dynamic Analysis

What makes HX-800 a one-of-a-kind racket is its precise controllability brought by Ultra CNF and AERO-DIAMOND.


Although the pushing shots with HX-800 are not as fast as the ones with Speed rackets, HX-800 still provides an easy and stable racket-handling experience. The rackets shows great agility and elasticity during every return. When the shuttle goes back and forth quickly, hitting the sweet spot can be challenging; however, HX-800 remains stable and controllable thanks to anti-torque system.


Attacking clears are easy and simplewith HX-800. Players don’t need to adjust their movement after each hit.

Moreover, the stability and controllability of HX-800 work even better in drop shots toward all directions. Players can easily achieve anylanding spot and angle that they want. Ultra CNF effectively absorbs shocks and brings great comfort and stability to the racket face and shaft.

When it comes to smashes, HX-800 works well. Continuous smashes transfer greater power and speed, which can help reduce the opponents’ reaction time and create opportunities for powerful attacks.

The above analysis uncovers the veil of HX-800. Hopefully HX-800 can help all the players dominate the court!


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