SH-A850 - Joining of shoe and foot, NO-SEW

【Text/Diana】The badminton shoes-SH-A850 is premier badminton shoe in the All-Around series; it offers improved encapsulation feeling and has a vibration reduction pad. In terms of exterior design, it has a unique transparent style. The SH-A850 is a shoe that is both functional and appealing to the eye! The new technology featured in the SH-A850 will now be introduced!
SH-A850 O / F
Generally speaking, badminton players care most about shoe functionality, namely foot comfort and perfect shield feeling. The most distinctive feature of the SH-A850 is thus its low ductility truss structure (Fig.1); through the use of light and thin, soft and not easily expandable material and BRACE TEK shoe body perfect shield technology, the problem of shoe upper loosening after fast running over a long period is avoided, and the perfect shield feel is maintained. In addition, to reduce the hot feeling that players feel after long periods of play, a large amount of mesh is used on the shoe body, increasing the air permeability of the shoe, thus increasing wearer comfort. 
SH-A850 O
Fig. 1、low ductility truss structure
Another functional special feature of the SH-A850 is the strengthened heel vibration reduction pad ENERGYMAX+ (Fig.2). The design is a double layer heel vibration damping pad; simply explained, it has an upper blue shock reduction pad and a lower level of bounce material. During exercise, the shock absorbing material on the upper layer will first absorb shock; when shock reaches a certain level, the lower level bounce material provides bounce. Material and human subject tests have shown that its structural properties can increase energy bounce by 8%, ENERGYMAX+ plus the elastic midsole material, reduce impact on the muscle and bones when landing, while also making the next movement more comfortable and smooth.   
Fig. 2、ENERGYMAX+ :Double layer heel vibration damping pad structure
Players also care a lot about the stability and anti-slip functions of their badminton shoes. The SH-A850 has these functions. In terms of lateral stability (Fig.3), two diamond shaped extruded plates that are soft inside and hard outside form the lateral support system (LS-S); the diamond shaped extruded plates have been lengthened to provide more lateral support area and increase stability of lateral movement. In addition, a 3D carbon fiber sheet is used on the foot arch, increasing stability and support. In terms of slip-resistance, the SH-A850’s radial sole pattern has superb slip resistance for both lateral and vertical steps, providing the anti-slip capability required when suddenly stopping or thrusting.
Fig. 3  Lateral support system (LS-S) design
In terms of exterior design, the SH-A850 overturns the previous design style of badminton shoes, cleverly combining transparent mesh and colors in combination with a crosshatch pattern PU leather shoe head, giving a transparent layered feel and technology feel in different light conditions. On the lace holes, seamless hot melt technology has been used to, on the one hand, reduce weight, and on the other, increase the overall value and fashion feel of the shoe.
The above introduction shows that the SH-A850 does not only have the All-Around functions a professional badminton shoe should have, the all-new shield design and ENERGYMAX+ provide perfect shield feeling and comfort during fast movement. The unique exterior design will be sure to attract attention! No matter if you are a player who attaches importance to functionality or are a player who wants to express your personal style, SH-A850 is the shoe for you!
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