Legendary player, now coach─the “people’s brother” Jung Jae Sung !

After the London Olympics in 2012 famous South Korean doubles player Jung Jae Sung quietly bid farewell to the national team and returned to his home team where he continues to be involved in the sport he loves so much. Unlike other players who avoid the crowds at competitions, Jung appeared, dressed casually, at the VICTOR Korean Super Series Premier 2013, joking with his former teammates and signing signatures and posing for photographs for all who asked, even sitting in the players’ seats and cheering on Ko Sung Hyun/Lee Yong Dae along with their teammates. Maybe this sums up the unique charm of this legendary doubles player. Below let’s find out from our special correspondent what the “people’s brother” has been up to since retiring from the national team and what unique insight he can offer about today’s young players.      
Jung Jae Sung
Jung Jae Sung in ALL ENGLAND OPEN 2012
Correspondent: Can you tell me briefly about your life after retiring from the national team?
Jung: I am a coach in South Korea with the Samsung team, mainly responsible for coaching female players, both singles and doubles players. As well as being a coach I also still play in domestic competitions, so it could be said that I am now half-player, half-coach.
Jung Jae Sung in ALL ENGLAND OPEN 2012
Jung Jae Sung in ALL ENGLAND OPEN 2012
Correspondent: What are your coaching style and ideas? 
Jung: I am a player and have only recently left the national team and become a coach; I hope to be a bridge for communication between players and others, help them stay focused on their matches and not have to worry about things off court.
Also, I also have passed on the men’s doubles skills I acquired before to women’s doubles players, hoping they can take on some ideas from men’s doubles; by putting their opponents under more pressure and attacking more they might play better. Kim Ha Neul, for example, is on our team and I have reminded her that she needs to improve her attacking ability. Of course there is pressure, but I am doing my best to help the younger players in the team progress and I am very happy to have this opportunity.
Jung Jae Sung in KOREA OPEN 2013
Jung Jae Sung in VICTOR KOREA OPEN 2013
Correspondent: From the perspective of a coach please talk about Ko Sung Hyun and Lee Yong Dae.
Jung (laughing):I think that Ko Sung Hyun is ahead of me in terms of power, height and jumping ability, however, the two need some more time to build mutual understanding (doubles formation changes); then, after this familiarization period, I think they will perform than Lee Yong Dae and I. I think they will almost be ready by the time of the BWF World Championships in August this year and will be well-placed to take the title. 
Correspondent: What do you think about South Korea’s women’s doubles players?
Jung:Two South Korean female pairs were affected by the match-rigging scandal at the London Olympic Games and can no longer represent their country; others, like Jung Kyung Eun / Kim Ha Neul are excellent players but they too need to develop mutual understanding on court;I think they will also have a good chance of doing well at the BWF World Championships.
Jung Jae Sung/ Lee Yong Dae in GERMAN OPEN 2012
Jung Jae Sung/ Lee Yong Dae in GERMAN OPEN 2012
Correspondent: Has anything about Taiwan’s doubles players impressed you?
Jung(Without hesitation): Everyone knows that Lee Sheng Mu has power, speed and good jumping ability. He always caused headaches when we played against him.He has unforgetable natural talent. In my opinion, players from Taiwan are better than South Korea’s players in terms of power; if our players want to win they have to draw out the match and then use their staying power to win. If Taiwan’s players improved their physical power and stamina they would be very hard to beat. 
Correspondent: Do you plan to coach overseas?
Jung(laughing again):I have no such plans at present. In the next few years I will stay with the Samsung team and do my best to help its players improve, aiming to maximize their ability.
Jung Jae Sung in ALL ENGLAND OPEN 2012
Jung Jae Sung in ALL ENGLAND OPEN 2012
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